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Westchester Aircraft Maintenance Association

President's Letter-April 2020

Greetings WAMA members, corporate members, friends and supporters!

I hope all of you and your family are safe and are fortunate not to have been hit with the affliction COVID-19 virus.  This pandemic has had a significant impact to our industry and worse, to our livelihood.  While many may still be employed and working remotely from home, other aviation professionals are either out of work, laid off or temporarily furloughed while discussions of family and employment have hit an all time high. "When do we go back to work?", "when will the stay at home mandate be lifted?",  "What if our company goes out of business?".  These are the questions that we face each day of the pandemic when we see no end in sight. 

Not to worry.  There are plenty of things that we can do to stay in the game.  There have been family activities, delving into hobbies and projects you had no time to do before and suggestions by family professionals and counselors that we can do without losing our minds while looking at the same four walls or the same faces for weeks on end.  Fortunately in the aviation community, there are lots of ways we can occupy ourselves while staying informed about our community.  I would suggest, if you haven't done so already, subscribe to the many online news and information sources such as the NBAA InsiderAINalerts, and FAA Safety Seminars to name a few.  These sources contain timely and pertinent information that contain links to things like Podcasts, webinars and discussions by industry professionals, etc.  This information is vital in keeping you in the loop and close to the pulse in this ever changing industry.  This is a really good idea now during this pandemic as well as any other time, many times just to have a leg up amidst your peers.

...and speaking of Podcasts a Socially Distant airshow has just been offered up featuring both civilian as well as military performers such the GEICO Skytypers, Canadian Snowbird Team and Patty Wagstaff just to name a few.  (LiveAirShowTV ( /  )

As WAMA turns 60 years this year, this was not the kind of year we had in mind to celebrate such a milestone as a premier local and regional professional aircraft maintenance association. Never the less, we will find a way to make it up to our members, friends and supporters.  In the coming weeks, we'll decide if it will be better to postpone the 60th Gala to 2021. We feel with the risk of low attendance and decreased or non existent sponsorship funds for the event, we may have to wait.

During the down time, the WAMA Board of Directors has been busy holding weekly meetings and discussing regular board matters as well as what 2020 will hold for our sponsored scheduled events. At this writing, March, April and May sponsored events have been either canceled or postponed.  Discussions are still ongoing regarding June through the end of the year including the 60th Annual Golf Outing originally scheduled for July.

We are following the pandemic climate carefully and will update you in the coming weeks regarding the rest of the scheduled 2020 events.

On behalf of the entire WAMA board, we wish you good health.  Stay Safe.


Jody Kerton

President, Westchester Aircraft Maintenance Association. WAMA

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