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Westchester Aircraft Maintenance Association

President's Letter-November 2020

Greetings WAMA members, corporate members, friends and supporters!

Hello all,

While another year has come and gone, it certainly was not without its challenges, to say the least.  The effects of the Covid pandemic in 2020, and maybe even 2021, certainly has hit close to home and in our industry and around our own local aviation community.   We have seen countless companies, many with a long history of being able to weather economic storms in the past, fall to their knees in the face of this particular downturn in business and aircaft activity since March of this year.  This is especially difficult for the countless aviation professionals who have been employed at these companies for many years who now find themselves on furlough, and for many, permanently.  While this is a reality for many, we still encourage and recommend strongly staying engaged on any level within any local or national industry association.  This is even important in good times.  Staying engaged, connected and the ability to network will increase your chances of employment by availing themselves to opportunities and staying visible to key industry professionals. 

It is very easy to hide under the covers and disappear when times are tough or when you have lost the position you’ve had and loved for so long.  While it is easy to say to someone, just pick your head up and go on, being able to do that can be a challenge for some.  This is when it takes a village to come to the aid of some who find themselves in that situation.  We hope you will find that village in WAMA, and we will do our best to always provide as much industry info and support as possible to keep you engaged.

In trying to identify the need to improve our engagement, we have spent the first part of the year revamping our website.  It boasts a wider, more attractive format, easier to navigate and with additional features.  We have also begun the launch of our quarterly newsletter, which now includes newsworthy content from our subcommittees.  The Spotlight On column, originally found just on the website, will now be featured in each issue of the newsletter as well.  The Spotlight On articles contain descriptive information on sponsors, member companies, and one on one interviews of interesting and relatable people in the industry and community.

Unfortunately, until it is safe to do so, we have not been able to hold any in person events this year.  We have been discussing adding the possibility of sponsored webinars by industry experts or companies wishing to provide a presentation for us to host.  This is still in discussion on just how to present this on a regular basis.  For now, we would like to announce that for our December Holiday dinner meeting normally scheduled for December at the Holiday Inn,  this year, we will hold a virtual presentation sponsored by Dassault Falcon Jet.  Look for a dedicated email outlining this virtual holiday webinar event.  The date is Thursday December 10th at 2PM.

From all of us at WAMA, we wish you and your extended families continued good health, safety, and happiness during this holiday season.



Jody Kerton

President, Westchester Aircraft Maintenance Association. WAMA

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